Who are the people behind the business?


We are the co-owners of Crean Home Buyers and love working in real estate.

We have two 5 year old kids  – Zara and Finn who are the centre of our world. We live in Napa and enjoy this beautiful part of the world.



An Irishman who married a yank for my sins. Before meeting Amanda I had spent 15 years working as a lawyer. But don’t worry, I was one of the good guys and took on many clients if they needed my help – even if they couldn’t afford it. For one of these clients I worked the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Nowadays, my life is centered around my family and my real estate work. I spend my time helping people solve their real estate issues – especially those who feel stuck and cannot see a way out. 


This hoosier has design skills that will put any TV rehab show to shame. She traded in her concert violin many years ago. She now invests her energy in real estate and has been known to drywall and tile in a pinch.


When we met, we both lived in different parts of the world. Amanda moved to Ireland but could not sell her beautiful apartment in Indianapolis. It was 2010 and it was worth less than what she paid for it. Rental incomes were not enough to cover the mortgage (and even Airbnb was not permitted by her HOA!). After a year of trying, she reluctantly handed the keys back to the bank and went through a foreclosure.


Later that we learned the property could have been sold to an investor! We had no idea that a property could be sold in negative equity…  we did our due diligence and asked all the usual people for advice (ie local lawyers and real estate agents) but NO ONE mentioned this option. We not only could have got something towards Amanda’s moving expenses but saved her credit! 

That painful lesson pushed us to learning more about real estate investing …and it was an obsession that has never left.


We want to make people aware of their options with real estate and help them get there. If we can both make money great – if not, then we still help! After all that is how we build our reputation.