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How do I sell my Sacramento CA house for cash?

We make cash offers directly to home owners. This makes the buying process quicker and easier. (No waiting for offers or for bank approvals).

Here is are the steps involved to get cash for your house…

1. Tell us about your property

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2. We will meet you at the property and go over any questions we may have. We then present you with a cash offer.

3. We close at a reputable title company. Cash in your hands and the property off your hands!

This explains the steps involved but you might be asking; “how do we calculate our cash offers”?

Before you make any decisions about taking a cash offer (and selling your house fast in California) it makes sense to educate yourself what options are best for you. We are completely transparent in how we make our offers and want you to understand how we operate.

Find out if selling your Sacramento house for cash is the best option for you

Cash For Your House

So you want to sell your house for cash

and still want a fantastic offer?

Here Are The Details On How We Make Our Offers…

It is in our interest to give you the highest offer possible.

It is our business to buy as many houses as we can. We do not want to waste our time making offers which are not accepted.

We make more profit by making offers which are accepted. In short, we do not want to waste your time or our time with unrealistic low ball offers. We know the higher the offer the more likely it will be accepted.

We put the time into our analysis, knowing the local market, driving the area and working with contractors to understand and refine our renovation costs. You benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Your Offer Equals…

The [After Repair Value]

less [Costs of Repair]

less [Our Selling Costs]

less [Our Minimum Profit]

Some of these terms need a quick explanation…

This is the value of your property after renovation. To make it the best version of itself.

The value of repairs needed to bring a top price.

The holding (or carrying cost) cost of your property until we can sell it.

We are a business and this represents the profit we need to make the transaction worthwhile.

In other words (a simple translation)…

Your offer will be:

Here is an example to help explain how this works.

Let’s say we look at a house that is in good condition but needs some work.

We get the price a property could sell for if it was in its best condition.

This might mean fresh paint, new flooring, updated kitchen and bathroom or maybe a new roof.

After analyzing it we determine that the price of this renovated property or the ARV would be


We then price the work needed and allow a renovation budget of


We allow carrying costs of (approximately 10% of ARV)


We allow for our margin of profit to make the deal work, let’s say


Recalling our formula…

Your offer = [ARV] – [Renovation costs]- [Carrying Costs] – [Our margin]

Your offer = 440k – 90k – 44k – 55k

As you can see, we play by the rules.

We base our offer on the numbers – what the property is worth to us as an investment. We do not make offers based on how badly you need to sell it.

We just run the numbers and give you the highest offer we can, to make sure you are happy (- remember we want you to accept it). The more deals we sign, the more volume we have.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

Let’s say the actual value of the property (without any improvement) was $277k.

The decision becomes whether to try for 277k and list with an Agent.

Accept a quick guaranteed offer for 251k.

This is not an easy decision as agent’s commissions could cost slightly more then 16k (or about 6%) which would leave approximately 261k. In addition, it may take 3-6 months to get an offer and even then nothing is guaranteed.

Decisions, decisions…

Now things become really interesting

Recalling our formula…

Your offer = [ARV] – [Renovation costs]- [Carrying Costs] – [Our margin]

Your offer = 440k – 60k – 44k – 55k

Yes, you read that correctly – that’s 20k more then you would get if you listed with an agent (remember you would only get 261k after paying agent’s commissions)


Want to know what your numbers look like?

You have nothing to lose getting an offer from us.

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Why our offers are better.

Everyone says this but we will believe you will do better with our offer:

1. We base our offers on the fixed up version of your house. We just run the numbers and give you your offer.

2. We want to do as many deals as we can – we want to give you the highest offer we can so that we can get onto our next project. We do not waste your time or our time.